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Alpha tester Posted on: 16-06-2008 20:38:05
Posts: 114

My be a good idea territory dose not give any vital info.

But i think it may not be the a valid ranking to tell who is how strong.Because in the centar of the map will be all the best players they will have to fight each other for territory,but the rim players will have plenty of territory and week players to fight for it.

Developer Posted on: 16-06-2008 20:45:28
Posts: 3379

yep but a player with alot of territory will get more resource so will grow faster, might even get stronger than the center players
Alpha tester Posted on: 16-06-2008 20:55:31
Posts: 114

i can't talk about that because i dont know how every thing works,dot totally get the thing with territory and outposts,i tought you get resource from towns not from territory.
Developer Posted on: 16-06-2008 21:01:52
Posts: 3379

thats how it currently works ye, but i might allow players to build in their own influence area without putting an outpost
Moderator Posted on: 17-06-2008 07:00:03
Posts: 461

you could also do that your territory has farms on it and you can get a smaal bonus from it?
Member Posted on: 24-06-2008 03:25:53
Posts: 3

how about the most members in a alliance or everything you guys said together for the ranking.
Developer Posted on: 27-07-2008 16:57:17
Posts: 3379

should you loose attack points when u loose a unit in battle? for example, you attack with 10 units and all 10 units die, the defender get defence points and you loose attack points?
Alpha tester Posted on: 28-07-2008 01:15:02
Posts: 18

Player rankings

Overall---Mean of all
Population---Points or population
Best Attacker---Different units should have different points (stronger units are harder to kill thus should be worth more)
Best Defender---" "
Total Land---Determined by their territory

Have the sum of the players attack and defense score so that if one is low it doesn't decrease their score so dramatically.

Empire rankings---Have sub categories for it like above with the sum of all their people for their rankings, and maybe add a few others.

Nicknames---Should people in the top 10 or so have nicknames added to their profile for others to see? like a personal achievement?

Like the top attackers have Madman and Total Land is Farmer or something. And the top Empires could have Superpower.

To answer your question Bas I don't think it should decrease because the points show how many units you have killed. You could have a win loss ratio for their attacks and defenses.
Developer Posted on: 28-07-2008 16:08:09
Posts: 3379

not sure that points should not decrease. Decreasing points are caused by loosing more units than killing enemy units...so decreasing means your defending bad. Some weeks you might be defending good, so alot of defence points...the other week your loosing most of your units so your defence points decrease because you didnt defend well.

Win/loss ratio is a good idea.

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