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Moderator Posted on: 19-06-2008 22:05:20
Posts: 461

pls dont curse and which grade?
Member Posted on: 20-06-2008 06:40:28
Posts: 16

8 O.o at least i finish on the 30 june
Alpha tester Posted on: 20-06-2008 08:51:48
Posts: 151

Member Posted on: 20-06-2008 09:57:04
Posts: 16

damn you how long is your vacation? mine will be until 15 september
Alpha tester Posted on: 20-06-2008 10:49:41
Posts: 151

WTF! mine until 1 septemberè! back to school :(:(
Developer Posted on: 20-06-2008 11:28:26
Posts: 3379

I only have a few weeks a year
Alpha tester Posted on: 20-06-2008 11:47:49
Posts: 151

Thats the bad of working, the bad of school is the DAMNED HOMEWORK!!!
Moderator Posted on: 20-06-2008 12:00:17
Posts: 543

but the good thing about work is that you get paid for it. I've never got any money from school
Moderator Posted on: 20-06-2008 21:12:45
Posts: 461

lolz that's true
Member Posted on: 20-06-2008 21:13:31
Posts: 822

"what do you do?"
Well, drinking Sprite actually.

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