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Developer Posted on: 22-06-2008 16:58:10
Posts: 3379

wodka the main drink in those countries, you get it when ur born
Alpha tester Posted on: 22-06-2008 19:52:44
Posts: 114

In Serbia Rakia is the main drink.
Member Posted on: 22-06-2008 20:25:36
Posts: 822

In Belgium it's Stella Artios. (and other good abbey beers)
Alpha tester Posted on: 23-06-2008 00:24:02
Posts: 114

I love stella artois its the best beer,i dont like beer to much but stella is the best.
Member Posted on: 23-06-2008 13:09:16
Posts: 16

well in Bulgarian there is A LOT OF rakia but i mainly drink beer
Member Posted on: 23-06-2008 13:25:23
Posts: 822

Count how many times you were drunk.
Member Posted on: 23-06-2008 13:26:26
Posts: 822

Btw, for all you out there who live in a different timezone as me and Bas do, there's a function to change the timezone in your profile.
Alpha tester Posted on: 23-06-2008 13:38:10
Posts: 151

I already have change it!
GMT + 1

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