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Developer Posted on: 05-06-2008 22:24:27
Posts: 3379

Are there any suggestions on how to improve the game interface?

- For example show when there is a new message. Whats the best way, make the msg icon go "on" and "off"?
- missing icons? icons at wrong locations?
- things not clear?
- military overview?

Once Ive finished the guild/alliance system I might improve the interface a bit.
Developer Posted on: 14-06-2008 22:44:42
Posts: 3379

Anyone with tips on how to improve the interface?
Moderator Posted on: 14-06-2008 22:46:16
Posts: 461

yea for the message icon, if u get a message, you could make it as if your mous ehovers above it (bleu and white color and slight enlargement), or other colors,

or a (red/blue/any color) ring around it,
Developer Posted on: 14-06-2008 22:47:08
Posts: 3379

ya make it blink on an off you mean? We also need a script that checks for new messages every 15min or so.
Moderator Posted on: 14-06-2008 22:48:29
Posts: 461

no just if u have a new message that the thing doesn't go on and off but just colored,
Alpha tester Posted on: 14-06-2008 23:26:17
Posts: 12

or a little picture in the left corner next to your name when you have a new message.
Moderator Posted on: 15-06-2008 11:05:05
Posts: 461

that would be a bit weird because the messages button is on the other side of the screen,
Alpha tester Posted on: 15-06-2008 19:06:20
Posts: 151

just a color or a blind color
or something like a pop-up but on the screen with: You've got mail
Moderator Posted on: 16-06-2008 13:51:50
Posts: 461

no pop ups, they are EVIL (no really most people hate pop-ups)
Alpha tester Posted on: 16-06-2008 14:17:19
Posts: 151

I know i also hate them

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