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Developer Posted on: 13-06-2008 18:51:04
Posts: 3379

I've made a list with thing we still have to do, I will probably come up with more but this is what I got so far. Suggestions to the list are welcome.

*alpha registration
--->smart system which registers as a circle around 0,0

*guilds/alliance system
--->vote system alliances for diplomacy (war/nap)
--->messages to your inbox for each action/kick/invitation etc
--->disband guild->remove war/nap
--->war stats

*map camps
--->use flags to indicate camps, similar to the tile colors
--->record "campguild"->indexing as tiles
--->attack/defend same as village
--->food cosumption by army while in camp
--->goto->same as village
--->empty background with tent->replace with level outpost/barracks picture by the barracks picture
--->allow merging of armies, to make large attacks

*village general
--->costs per building
--->contruction times
--->improve building tree
--->add warsim to village
--->improve interface
--->add population variable
--->food consumption for peasants/buildings
--->queue system for units, production, construction

*new buildings (draw+add databases)
--->guild HQ
--->castle (req for takeovers?)

*building options
--->unit production building->higher lvl->faster production
--->mainbuilding->higher lvl->faster construction time
--->outlooktower->see incomming attacks, see camps around village->higher lvl->larger range->blinking icon when incomming attack
--->market->higher lvl more mechants->sending stuff takes time(currently instant)

*attack system
--->add warsim to village
--->military overview
--->allow merging of armies for large attacks
--->attack log for guild/alliance
--->debug warsim, strange bug which does not distribute the fighting for all units
--->takeover area system

*ranking system
--->largest population
--->largest amount of areas
--->best attacker
--->best defender
--->largest war
--->most online/social/friends
--->best guild
--->best alliance

--->replace leader with the general->used to take over areas
--->diplomat->invite/request invites for guild/alliance
--->scout->scout other villages->defend against scouts
--->geogolist->look for resources(gold) in the mountains

--->make queries more efficient instead of whole map
--->map in ajax instead of new page->navigation a few tiles ahead for speeding it up
--->add guild banners to the map info
--->add description to the map info->also edit description option in village

--->core class/improve alpha framework
--->admin system
--->ticket system
--->tutorial & objectives
--->wiki pages
--->fix bugs mentioned on the forums

*hero system
--->drag & drop system with ajax/php/mysql
--->shop system
--->more weapons, armor, jewelry, consumables pictures
--->hero inventory
--->finish main city drawing->add links to the buildings in the city
--->hero stats
--->arena fight system

------>balance the game<------
Developer Posted on: 17-06-2008 21:02:46
Posts: 3379

still have to fix a few bugs in the camp system but what shall I work on next? (next weekend)
Alpha tester Posted on: 18-06-2008 11:27:10
Posts: 151

the ranking system
or the new building list or the hero system
Developer Posted on: 18-06-2008 17:31:00
Posts: 3379

the ranking system is one of the last systems I think. Maybe ill start with the military overview.
Alpha tester Posted on: 18-06-2008 22:00:53
Posts: 114

*guilds/alliance system
--->vote system alliances for diplomacy (war/nap)
--->messages to your inbox for each action/kick/invitation etc
--->disband guild->remove war/nap
--->war stats

Vote system,hmm im not sure that will work,this is not real life,there was a to make democtatic tribes/guild/alliances in one game,il ask my friend how its called.All the tribes fall apart non-stop because the stronger did not want the week to decide about them,and when it was a close 55-45 some times the tribes just fall apart.And it was not eficant because the leader made a decision and had to w8 at least 24h or more then 50% of his tribe had to vote before he could do things.....

And we need an ING forum for guilds,i still think they should change there names:))

A guild user list should have 2 options
show by rank and show by rating.

Alpha tester Posted on: 19-06-2008 11:30:16
Posts: 151

Guilds ar the most important now, to test
and if you have many members in your guild They can not all on the introduction page!
I would make a new tab with members or something like that.
Alpha tester Posted on: 19-06-2008 13:13:27
Posts: 114

yep you should see the list of members of any guild not just your own
Alpha tester Posted on: 19-06-2008 14:40:30
Posts: 151

that was not exactly what I mean
What I mean is the follow:
Now, the members of a guild are posted on the introductionpage of that guild,
but I think that if you have 10 members it already stands full,
I would make a tab in your guild system with "members" where you can see the members, their rank, points, ...

You can make somewhere a list with the guilds (Probably in the stats section)
where you can click on the name and see their introduction page, members,...
Developer Posted on: 19-06-2008 15:47:32
Posts: 3379

Wont be that full, at the moment they are displayed like this:

Rank1: name1, name2
Rank2: name1, name2, name 3, name 4
Alpha tester Posted on: 19-06-2008 16:46:06
Posts: 151

Ow, like that
I thought like this:

rank: user
rank: user
rank: user

Because there are only 2 members me and kalemati

you only can see
rank: user
rank: user

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