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Developer Posted on: 19-06-2008 17:31:04
Posts: 3379

you can give him the first rank and check it out. He wont be able to kick the real leader.
Alpha tester Posted on: 19-06-2008 17:39:31
Posts: 114

We need a luck and starter defense system.Luck is when you attack and starter defender should mean if you have lots of points and you attack weak players your solders fight with less then 100% of there strenght.
Developer Posted on: 19-06-2008 17:40:50
Posts: 3379

luck is already in but not based on population. Currently the attacker has 75% chance to start the attack
Alpha tester Posted on: 19-06-2008 17:53:25
Posts: 151

in 25% you can't attack? :o
Alpha tester Posted on: 19-06-2008 17:55:32
Posts: 114

He ment 75% that you start first with attacking
Alpha tester Posted on: 19-06-2008 18:02:28
Posts: 151

I was thinking BasTijs was a bit strange,
But it was me Lol
Developer Posted on: 19-06-2008 18:04:14
Posts: 3379

25% chance that your mother would not allow you to attack
Alpha tester Posted on: 19-06-2008 18:07:05
Posts: 151

See, I knew I was right!
Alpha tester Posted on: 19-06-2008 18:08:41
Posts: 151

but yes,
I would use luck and unluck
on TW they use it whit max. 25% luck and min. -25% luck (what is unluck )
Developer Posted on: 22-06-2008 18:10:50
Posts: 3379

so whats next? I can fixs bugs and make the new kingdom+map play system (see suggestions) or fix the attack calculation bugs or start on the building options->lookouttower spot camps/mainbuilding improves constr time etc.

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