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Developer Posted on: 07-04-2008 18:48:01
Posts: 3379

I'm looking for different ways to promote LoD, currently im active on some forums (like travian) and I posted some news in galaxy-news (.net & .nl).

Does anyone have some good ideas on how to promote the website?

I'm also thinking about a referrer link system so members can recruit new players with a link. (or banner if I make some banners)
Alpha tester Posted on: 07-04-2008 20:24:41
Posts: 20

maybe you could motivate people by giving them a better chance at joining the Alpha when they get new people
Developer Posted on: 07-04-2008 20:35:55
Posts: 3379

Thats a good idea, but we need to make a recruit link system first then
Alpha tester Posted on: 09-04-2008 10:46:47
Posts: 9

post something on 9lives
Alpha tester Posted on: 09-04-2008 17:19:08
Posts: 30

Just make a big poster, print it, and tape it on the back of your car
Alpha tester Posted on: 09-04-2008 18:36:27
Posts: 20

yeh that will work XD
Developer Posted on: 09-04-2008 18:55:01
Posts: 3379

leden recruiten uit 9lives zouden eigenlijk de belgen moeten doen, want volgens mij hebben we op het moment meer belgen als nederlanders over de vloer

Edit(banjer got mad because I posted in dutch):
Translation: BE ppl => go recruit on 9lives
Alpha tester Posted on: 09-04-2008 19:30:40
Posts: 20

dit is niet het NL-BE gedeelte he
Developer Posted on: 09-04-2008 19:32:49
Posts: 3379

oeps :nerd:
Member Posted on: 09-04-2008 19:45:24
Posts: 822

Hehe, like we care

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