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Alpha tester Posted on: 16-06-2008 10:08:04
Posts: 34

hi all here I've some ideas which might be useful to improve LoD, I say 'might' becouse before anything else these are just ideas.

1 It could be a great help if you could see wheter a message has been received, then you can see this instantly, which is nice becouse then you dont forget it or you dont have to look for nothing.

2 Also, in the game itself, it could be useful if you can see somewhere how big ur population in whole is in a city or outpost, and maybe even in ur whole Empire. But at least that you can see in a building how many soldiers are present and how many peasants, for the total. I mean that u see how many villagers(peasants or soldiers) you can have in total in that village, and that u can see a number of soldiers, a number of peasants, and a number or spare space. So you know how many people you can have in total.

3 This one is important too: it might be handy to be able to see how long it will take before soldiers arrive at their destination, when you send a groop. Maybe in a new building, where you can give orders, can see how many soldiers u have and which kind, and that u can directly send troops to a city you own. And it might be useful to see a countdown in this place, after you send them away, so you can seee how long it will still take to reach the destination.
Could it be possible to mark the area where they are assumed to be?
couse then you can see on the map where they are, which gives a more realistic feeling.

4 this is my last idea (yeaaa you managed to read so far, keep it up!! here it comes)
Maybe its better to be able to upgrade buildings directly in the main building, in stead of in every building, i mean that you see a list of buildings you own, and here you can directly uprade them, which is much faster, couse you can see its level directly, and you dont have to run to all buildings just to level them.

good job, you have read it all, dont forget: these are just ideas
Alpha tester Posted on: 16-06-2008 11:42:13
Posts: 114

1.I told the same
3.Of course all the tactics is useless if you don't have this.If you make that you can see your troops on map there should be an option to turn it off and on.Because in later stages of game you may send lots and lots of attacks and the map will be full of your solders.
4.I think this building system that is here is original(more interesting) and should stay this way,because you can make your villages different.And i dont see any advantage if you build buildings from one main building.Can you explain me the advantage ?
Developer Posted on: 16-06-2008 16:05:33
Posts: 3379

1. not sure yet but we will see when we upgrade the message system
2. population is not yet in the game, not sure yet how will implement it
3. good idea, will be in the military overview and at the moment you send you units so you know how long it will take
4. I like the current system better, still has to be improved a bit but its original like kalemati said
Alpha tester Posted on: 16-06-2008 16:13:59
Posts: 34

4 the advantage is, that you have a quick overview over which building has which level.
Alpha tester Posted on: 16-06-2008 16:23:00
Posts: 114

4.You can make an option to see lvl of buildings,it could look same as the timer for finishing builidings,So you could have to boxes like the timer just in one instead of time there is the current lvl of building.
Developer Posted on: 16-06-2008 16:34:03
Posts: 3379

ow a village overview popup or something?
Alpha tester Posted on: 16-06-2008 17:46:47
Posts: 34

5 new idea: training soldiers in outposts, but then less then possible in a city.
Alpha tester Posted on: 16-06-2008 17:48:09
Posts: 34

4 what kalemati means, is the same bu Tribalwars, in the village overview u see by the buildings boxes in which the level is noticed.
Developer Posted on: 16-06-2008 17:50:41
Posts: 3379

nope villages will be used for production of units, but you cant keep many units in villages so you have to move them to the outposts. You can use the outposts to protect the village. That was the idea, not yet working though
Alpha tester Posted on: 16-06-2008 19:46:19
Posts: 34

ok, the idea is great I must say

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