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Topic: Warehouse Post reply

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Alpha tester Posted on: 17-06-2008 12:34:45
Posts: 114

Because of the number of items you can have in this game,you can't have all of them displayed all the time.So i have an idea.

First you need a new button next to the show hide button or above the market button.

When one of your resource is almost full(90%) then the button becomes red(or blue..)and when you click on it,a window opens:

"1 resource is almost full
wood(or any other resource)is almost full"

if two resource are almost full:

"2 resource is almost full
wood and stone are almost full"

If three resource are almost full

"3 or more resource are almost full"

If 2 are almost full and one is full

"2 resource is almost full
wood and stone are almost full
and iron is full"

of course the text can be better:)
but this is the idea so ppl dont have to open there warehouses all the time.
Alpha tester Posted on: 17-06-2008 13:35:04
Posts: 151

yes that might be a good idea.
Developer Posted on: 17-06-2008 16:47:28
Posts: 3379

I was also thinking of putting the main (construction) resources like planks, stone, peasants above the village or let ppl choose which resources to always want to show.
Alpha tester Posted on: 17-06-2008 17:20:44
Posts: 114

You have a lot of resource tha you get always,without putting them to be made.

thats why i think a warning system should be good.maybe the best (simplest) way is that when one of your ressurce is almost full you warehouse content glows blue,and when you open it the resource that are near max glow blue,and if its full the warehouse content becomes RED and when you open it the full resource become red,(almost full will be blue)
Developer Posted on: 17-06-2008 17:54:25
Posts: 3379

sounds like a good idea

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