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Alpha tester Posted on: 17-06-2008 13:48:20
Posts: 151

You can make ranks,
thats one thing, but how can I give points to it,?

not only

but for example:
from 0-100: Soldier
from...-...: ....

It would be better

And to add special abbility's to a person f.e. inviter, Forum administrator...
just a name is well enough
Alpha tester Posted on: 17-06-2008 13:49:30
Posts: 114

can somebody explain me the difference between alliance and guilds?
Alpha tester Posted on: 17-06-2008 13:50:56
Posts: 151

an alliance is a group of guilds who work together to stad stronger against enemy's,...
Developer Posted on: 17-06-2008 16:04:08
Posts: 3379

what do you mean by adding points, you can give a certain group a permission level.
Alpha tester Posted on: 17-06-2008 16:10:00
Posts: 151

yes I already have found with I searshed

and can you add ranks?
Developer Posted on: 17-06-2008 17:04:58
Posts: 3379

yep the edit button
Alpha tester Posted on: 17-06-2008 17:06:39
Posts: 151

yes your hero rnak so I know how I need to do !

but my ask was: Can I add more ranks than there stand (in dutch: er staan al 8 rangen kunde er nog bijvoegen?)
Developer Posted on: 17-06-2008 17:10:11
Posts: 3379

max is around 10 ranks if I remember correctly
Alpha tester Posted on: 17-06-2008 17:10:49
Posts: 151

Oh and thanks to delete the war with guilds that not excist.
Alpha tester Posted on: 18-06-2008 11:37:24
Posts: 151

1) another question is it possible to send automatic a message to a member that just has joined?

2) Will it be possible in the futur to give a link to an other guild/user/alliance via message.

for example:
We're in [Alliance]The World Alliance[/Alliance]
for more info just write a message to [user]Devil[/user](of player ofzo)

3) Now only a guild can ask to join an alliance will it be possible that an alliance can ask a guild to join?

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