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Developer Posted on: 19-06-2008 15:58:47
Posts: 3379

im starting to like the idea of a kingdom, with a castle as main building. Maybe even tax rates and a protection bonus depending on the level of the castle.

Once our new permission system is finished we will get a forum dedicated to the main game systems. So a sticky for each good idea can be posted and kept up to date.

Kalemati will be the main moderator of this forum, devil you can help him with working out the ideas if you want. We will need a detailed description of each idea we are gonna use in the game. We will use the alpha forum or the ideas/suggestions forum to discuss the first ideas and once everybody is happy with it, it needs to be written down and put in the game information forum. We can also use this lateron for our wiki pages.
Alpha tester Posted on: 19-06-2008 16:39:43
Posts: 151

yes, good idea

I now already gonna say, that the last 3 weeks of June (Juni) I'm away with the scouts (And I will miss LoD verrymuch! :'( ) so, maybe there best is a third helper for if I'm away, ...

Well back to the topic:
A castle is a good idea,
I would give an attack bonus if you can destroy a castle
and defence bonusses, if you sent troops to the castle (if you're not the leader or owner of that castle)

What do you mean with taxes?

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