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Alpha tester Posted on: 17-06-2008 14:09:21
Posts: 151

I'm really spamming this forum with suggestions but thats what my job is i think so I go on...

if you click on the "?" button and then on unit info. there is the text:
Some general information about the units is placed here.

What it need to be (in my eyes):
The leader is The ....

A text that says where a unit stands for,
the most of the units , everyone knows,
but the special units not.
I don't know where a leader, a setler and ... stands for, I know what it means but not what it does from action ...
Alpha tester Posted on: 17-06-2008 14:14:16
Posts: 114

i think that the leader is like a nobleman in Tribal wars,he is used to conquer enemy villages.
Alpha tester Posted on: 17-06-2008 15:33:43
Posts: 114

I think first there should be changes of names for troops because gladiators and knights did not live in the same time

footman -------------Town militia
mounted cavalry------Mounted Cavalry
Lc-------------------Light cavalry
Transport cart-------Transport cart


Peasant are the weakest troops you can send in to battle,without any training armored with
only things that they can find by themselves.They are not a threat to any troops but they can be
trained in any other kind of solder.

Town militia is a group citizens that are barely trained and poorly armored.
They are week attackers,but they are ready to die for there town,with there week discipline
and armament they cant make a big difference without help of other troops,they are almost
helpless against cavalry.

Swordsman are trained troops to attack,kill and bring home every thing they find,with there
good armor they can charge at any one that has courage to stand in front of them and the armor
gives them some defense against bowmen.
They are the strongest attacking infantry,but not so eficant in defense.

Pikeman are the most disciplined troops you can find, with there pikes they make a slow
motion wall that is a unconquerable for most of the enemys,but they lack effeciency in attacks.
They are the best possible defense against cavalry and bowman.

Bowman fire away hundreds of deadly arrows on the enemy before he even comes near to there
defensive posisions.Good in defending against infantry and cavalry but because lack of armor
they are very week against enemy with range weapons.

Mounted cavalry are very mobile attack units equiped with bows and fast horses.
Very good against enemy bowman on there walls.

Light Cavalry are fast units that make chaos in any town they visit.
There speed and there capabillity to take huge amounts of haul to there town
make them the a great attack unit.

Knights are the elite of every army they are noble by birthand they have hardened weapons
and strong armor.There weapons and armor make them great troops for attack on enemy towns
and outposts and for defending what is rightly there.

Transport cart helps your solders to loot what ever they find in an enemy town after they
finish of the defenders.

Settler don't know what the settler dose(can he settle villages far from yours .......

General don't know any thing about this unit yet:)

I forgot scouts but i dont have time now of course this is not the final text i expect someone to do it a little better and get rid of all the grama mistaces

P.S units need some re-balancing
Developer Posted on: 17-06-2008 16:59:10
Posts: 3379

Looks good, these names sound better yes. The heir created the unit stats so you could talk to him about re-balancing them a bit and post the results in here. Once they are final I will put them in the database so they can be tested.
Alpha tester Posted on: 17-06-2008 17:00:14
Posts: 151

Can you explain what a settler and a Leader does?
Developer Posted on: 17-06-2008 17:03:23
Posts: 3379

currently nothing

The leader will be changed to General (see the todo list post). He will be used to take over villages/outposts.

The settler will be used to "settle" a new area (create village/outpost). But that can all change once I start on programming this system, might go a different direction if there are any suggestions on this.
Developer Posted on: 29-06-2008 12:14:07
Posts: 3379

Some changes:

> peasants -> workers
> keep Leader (loyalty system villages)
> new: General (takeover system outposts)

The other suggestions kalemati made look good to me, anyone with some comment? If not then I will changes the name & descriptions.

Edit: Might keep the word peasant, and put workers in the description
Developer Posted on: 29-06-2008 13:35:13
Posts: 3379

I like the word archer better than bowman, because Mounted Bowman sounds funny.

Mounted cavalry (you cannot mount a horse ontop of a horse) -> Mounted Archer

Add; Lancer (mounted spearman) ?
Moderator Posted on: 29-06-2008 13:51:09
Posts: 543

Mounted cavalry (you cannot mount a horse ontop of a horse) -> Mounted Archer
have you ever tried to mount a horse on a horse? You can't be sure if you've never tried it

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