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Alpha tester Posted on: 17-06-2008 20:44:49
Posts: 114

i will look at travian tomorow,but in TW (they have only generals) every general costs like the general before him + the price of the first general.So the first general costs 1X the second cost 2X third 3X ..........
Developer Posted on: 17-06-2008 20:47:12
Posts: 3379

and you can also create villages with them? or only take over villages?
Alpha tester Posted on: 17-06-2008 20:49:22
Posts: 114

only take over villages,you should take a look at travian,i will take a look on 2-3 games tomorow.
Developer Posted on: 17-06-2008 20:50:58
Posts: 3379

travian has culture points with settlers if I remember, a village generates a certain amount of points a day...depending on the size and when u have enough points u can use a settler. And leaders to take over stuff.
Alpha tester Posted on: 17-06-2008 21:24:26
Posts: 85

in TW the only way to get a new village is to take it from somebody else

there are only new villages made when a new player joins the server
Alpha tester Posted on: 18-06-2008 11:26:04
Posts: 151

settlers must become more expensive, and only they can make an outpost.
you have to switch between a villlage and a outpost ==> what I mean:
you can't build 2 outposts or villages after eachother, fist a village then an outpost and back a village...
Moderator Posted on: 19-06-2008 21:53:57
Posts: 461

i think outpost should be maxed to 2-3 per village, and village should be taken over or made by settlers who get available with the culture points wich depends on your village size (village size determines culure points per day)
and a max of 2-3 settlers per village.
*numbers may be adjusted

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