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The Land of Destiny Hero welcomes you.
Role playing game or called MMORPG free browser game

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Developer Posted on: 25-06-2008 19:58:47
Posts: 3379

sounds like a good idea
Moderator Posted on: 25-06-2008 20:31:08
Posts: 543

Alpha tester Posted on: 26-06-2008 18:35:42
Posts: 32

very good are they that you make this site i know it's very difficult make i browser game!

i will help ! PM my i'm actief!
Moderator Posted on: 26-06-2008 19:13:50
Posts: 543

You can help by posting on the forums.
Alpha tester Posted on: 26-06-2008 19:16:42
Posts: 32

ok! its good!
GameMaster Posted on: 04-11-2008 04:21:20
Posts: 1447

Haha - 'test' is a real playername (in-game), and he just got a message from me ("asdf")!
Personally, I think that "asdf" is superior to both ";lkj" and "jkl;", due to the fact that....
Well, at the moment, my nails are long (oops!), and if I try to type ";lkj", I could end-up typing ";likj" or even ";lokij" (ok - they aren't THAT long)... So "asdf" is handier - literally!
Moderator Posted on: 24-12-2008 16:04:43
Posts: 670

Hyper link test:

Click <a href="http://www.landofdestiny.com/?ref=3561">here</a> for Land of Destiny link.

Nope. That didn't work. Test two: here

Yup, that works! The link was encased in URL with square brackets around it.
Member Posted on: 30-03-2009 20:48:32
Posts: 8

Moderator Posted on: 31-03-2009 05:23:28
Posts: 670

Try hilighting a word and clicking that blue "link" button when making a forum post Povi. You must allow pop-ups in your browser.
Member Posted on: 31-03-2009 18:11:58
Posts: 8

Yeah! I make it. Thanks the help

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