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Topic: Map play system Post reply

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Alpha tester Posted on: 20-06-2008 14:03:01
Posts: 114




3.Military camp

2)Function of villages

Towns are the main buildings in the game,you get resource from your towns,
you build armies settlers and generals from your town.Towns have are used to influence territory.

Defends towns,they dont let you attack towns in there area of protection**,
so you first have to destroy the outpost if you wish to attack the towns.
The bigger the lvl the bigger the lvl of the outpost building the bigger defense bonus you get.

3.Military camp
Military camp is a spot that is occupied by your armies,can be used for merging armies,
taking influence spots or just as tactical points from where you can attack.


1.You influence the territory from towns(not outposts)

2.Territory gives SMALL production bonus

3.Bonuses are for towns (not for the whole country)

4.One spot can give just one bonus (two towns cant have bonus from one spot)

5.You can only build new towns and outposts on your or neutral territory
> village main building

6.Main building smaller then lvl10,gives you no influence area, controls only 1 tile on the map.
lvl10 gives 1 ring of influence around the village (3x3)
lvl20 gives 2 rings(5x5)
lvl30 gives 3 rings(7x7)

7.If 2 players have influence over one territory the one that got it first controls it.

8.If a player has influence over one territory but dose not control it (like 5.) he can build a
military camp on that are and if the stays there for 24h he gains control over that province.

9.If you take an enemy town that is under the influence of other enemy (enemy you took town from)
towns you dont get the control of the province.

10.Number of territory is on the ranking list.

4)Military camp
1.Military camp can just build on be on own territory or the territory you have influence(don't have to control it)
or on neutral territory

2.You may make an camp on ally territory or if someone gives you military access.***

2.Military camp can be used to take enemy territory if you have influence over it.

3.Military camp is used to places you want to settle.You can send settler just if you have an military camp on that spot.

4.You can attack every military camp.

5.If you send army to an camp that is not yours(like support not an attack) you automaticly give the owner of the
camp control of your troops,

6.Owner of the camp can only attack with those troops or send them back home.

7.You can call your troops back if they are not in an attack.


1.Outpost dose not have influence on territory.

2.You can't attack any town in range of an outpost without defeating the outpost first

3.Outpost defends only your towns

4.Outpost do not defend military camps

5.If an outpost is defeted you can attack the towns in the outpost region(area) for 48h

6.If you attack before the 48h after the defeat of the outpost,you can just kill solders and destroy buildings(with cat)
but you cant prolong the time that the outpost is down.

7.After 48h you must defeat the outpost again if you wish to attack the towns

*I think it should change it name to stronghold OR make it to change it name with the lvl of the building,(outpost lvl 1 fortres lvl 2 stronghold lvl 3)
** probably 5x5 with the outpost in the center.
***Make an option in diplomacy to give somebody military access,that means that he can build camp on your territory,you can always attack over everyones territory.

Edit 3.6 main building influnce
Alpha tester Posted on: 20-06-2008 14:03:35
Posts: 114

hope you have time to read all of this:)
Developer Posted on: 20-06-2008 14:58:30
Posts: 3379

some suggestions:

> function of villages - outpost;
---> Can also have production building on them

> camp;
---> Only space for a tent (military units), no buildings
---> Can not store any resources, only food for the units

> Influence-territory;
---> No bonuses, you have to build on the territory to get resources from them
---> conquering a tile / influence area from another player should take 2-3 days

> Outpost
---> siezing an outpost takes 3 days, so you have to control them with your general for 3 days
---> if siezing fails during these 3 days, the general gets killed, the outpost has to be siezed again with a new general -> 3 days
---> after 3 days the oupost is yours, and the area on which the outpost is build is yours.
---> the defensive area of the outpost drops and the villages can be attacked, if ofcourse another outpost is not protecting the village
---> all outposts can be attacked, they dont protect each other

Not sure about yet:
- Should a general be able to take over multiple outposts / villages? Or should each outpost have its own general.
Alpha tester Posted on: 20-06-2008 18:38:18
Posts: 114


You should be able to attack villages without taking outposts.If you cant do that there will be almost no attacks.
And your system dose not let any one to attack before they build a general

---> after 3 days the outpost is yours, and the area on which the outpost is build is yours.

I think a loyality system is much better.
With every attack you bring down the loyality 20-30% (15-30%) and whent you bring it down to 0 you get the village.

> Influence-territory;
---> No bonuses, you have to build on the territory to get resources from them

If there is no bonuses,every one will just build on there small territory.
And with the territory bonus,ppl will tend to have larger territory,they will not have one outpost and 8 towns around it because they will get just a little bonuses.

General should die when you take a village or outpost.
Developer Posted on: 20-06-2008 18:53:47
Posts: 3379

there will be plenty left to attack, everybody who does not have an outpost yet.

loyalty could also be used, will think about it.

I dont get what u mean with the bonusses, because outposts wont have influence areas anymore, the village has the influence area.

The main reason for a large outpost should be to protect the surrounding villages because they can not attack the village with an outpost next to them.
Developer Posted on: 20-06-2008 18:58:51
Posts: 3379

maybe a better idea, the outpost will help defending anything in its range. so when a village gets attack they will help. Might give problems when somebody attack a village at the same time as the outpost though.
Alpha tester Posted on: 20-06-2008 18:59:51
Posts: 114

"One spot can give just one bonus (two towns cant have bonus from one spot)

that way players will not try to build all villages under one outpost.
Developer Posted on: 20-06-2008 19:33:14
Posts: 3379

so each spot in the influence area of a villages gives a bonus? like a forest gives +wood or something?

if outposts instantly help defending a village in their range, so not moving away from the outpost (like normal moving units) then it should be fine if villages can be attacked. If there is an attack on the village and at the same time at the outpost they will defend both. how about that?
Alpha tester Posted on: 20-06-2008 20:00:43
Posts: 114

lets say every territory gives 2% production bonus to one village.

Or the solution for this problem can also be very expensive 4-5 settler.That way players can build a lot of towns they must conquer them.so you wont get this situation


n-empty slot

I did not really understand the other part.
Developer Posted on: 20-06-2008 20:04:11
Posts: 3379

the other part:
units in a outpost defend everything in their range, without having to move there.

so a villages can not be looted until the units in the outpost are dead, but you can attack a village. By attacking the village you actually attack both the village+outpost because the outpost helps defending.

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