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Developer Posted on: 27-06-2008 09:35:19
Posts: 3379

the max range will be 23x23 with 1 ring per level, so tha max size of the map...too large range?
Moderator Posted on: 27-06-2008 09:39:01
Posts: 461

yeah too large range, 1 ring per 2/3 levels?
Developer Posted on: 27-06-2008 11:17:45
Posts: 3379

should you be able to spot your own, empire & alliance camps when they are out of range of your lookout tower?
Developer Posted on: 27-06-2008 12:05:00
Posts: 3379

the max range at lvl 10 is now 13x13, the max range to stop a camp in a forest is 7x7 (3 tiles from your village)
Developer Posted on: 27-06-2008 12:19:55
Posts: 3379

the spot range of the outlooktower is online now, have fun testing
Developer Posted on: 27-06-2008 22:08:48
Posts: 3379

the scouting system is online, without the defence against scouts (no fighting). Have fun testing, report bugs in here.

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