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Topic: Objectives Post reply

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Alpha tester Posted on: 21-06-2008 11:52:10
Posts: 114

I dont think that is clever,if you wish to make objectives so the game becomes more interesting.Only objectives that should be should be the tutorial ones.
But if you want to make more objectives that will just make it hard to play.This is a Multyplayer Massive Online Game the goal is to be the best and be in the best kingdom,by putting 2 objectives (be the best,do your objectives)on players just makes the game less interesting.
Developer Posted on: 21-06-2008 11:59:07
Posts: 3379

being the best if for people who make it to the last rank, after that they can compete who is the best. They can also be the best without paying attention to objective, if you know what your doing in this kind of games you wont need them. Objective will make it more interesting for the casual gamers.
Alpha tester Posted on: 21-06-2008 12:01:39
Posts: 114

i said what i had to say,but your the boss:)
Developer Posted on: 21-06-2008 12:09:16
Posts: 3379

I find games like tw/travian to guideless, you will also be able to play lod that way but I think a large group of players would like to have some more objectives. If you dont play hardcore you wont be the best anyways, so what will be your objective then?
Alpha tester Posted on: 21-06-2008 12:15:46
Posts: 114

to be better then your neignur,you put 2 options on players be a good player ,play vs other players... or do objectives....
because you cant do the same,every player must have his own strategy and if you put objectivs in front of him he must change it.

Example objective is that he must take a village(that is a PvP objective) but he has a strategy and he builds an outpost and then to farm 2 players.If he dose his strategy he dose not do the objectives,and if he dose his objectives he must change the strategy.
Developer Posted on: 21-06-2008 12:25:09
Posts: 3379

You can also change the objective in "own xx amount of villages", he can choose to takeover a village of build a new one. Our job is to design the objective so they dont interfere to much with game tactics.

And maybe the objective only have to last until you have like xx villages and start taking over the first areas. You got the rank of General with objectives, because you finished all the main things in the game. At that point you will probably be part of a kingdom/alliance and the competition to be the best starts.

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