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Developer Posted on: 21-06-2008 08:54:43
Posts: 3379

Currently you can choose which color character you wish to play. You can choose the color you like best and select a male or female character.

I'm also thinking to give each color a bonus (maybe multiple bonuses) and some weakness. So are there any suggestion on which bonus/weakness goes well with each color?
Developer Posted on: 23-06-2008 20:39:37
Posts: 3379

No suggestions for the color bonus? Like related the colors to elements; water(blue), fire(red), green(earth), death(black), life(white), yellow(air)

red = fire; bonus to attack, weak against water

etc....just an idea. Not sure if it would go with the game. Other ideas are welcome.
Moderator Posted on: 23-06-2008 21:01:48
Posts: 543

instead of colors you could make every 'color' a different culture like travian has.

and then give every culture som additional bonuses
Developer Posted on: 23-06-2008 21:04:28
Posts: 3379

you mean a random bonus? so color does not relate to anything?
Moderator Posted on: 23-06-2008 21:10:16
Posts: 543

no. it has to be culture related of course

but cultures are more realistic than colors. In reallife armies didn't have there own colors which gave them bonuses but each culture had there own specialties
Developer Posted on: 23-06-2008 21:12:07
Posts: 3379

so you also need culture names, because "blue" is not much of a culture name
Moderator Posted on: 23-06-2008 21:17:29
Posts: 543

yes now the question is: Do you want real culture names or do you want to make them up yourselves?
Member Posted on: 23-06-2008 21:20:17
Posts: 822

In between. Just take real culture names, and make them a bit funnier.
Developer Posted on: 23-06-2008 21:22:54
Posts: 3379

but the cultures should be linked with the color, else the current system gets messed up if you allow several colors for each culture.
Moderator Posted on: 23-06-2008 21:26:54
Posts: 543

black=>some african country
blond hair blue eyes=>german

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