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Alpha tester Posted on: 24-06-2008 01:30:02
Posts: 114

I think you should not have a bonus system.That may be a good idea if you have different units,buildings....but just bonuses and so many different ones i just think it will make the game complicated.
Alpha tester Posted on: 24-06-2008 08:29:51
Posts: 151

I find it funny
Developer Posted on: 24-06-2008 10:06:07
Posts: 3379

I dont know if I like culture, like kalemati said..you need different building & units to have proper cultures. But I might give each color 1 or 2 bonusses, so its actually useful to choose for a certain color.
Alpha tester Posted on: 24-06-2008 10:10:49
Posts: 151

yes, cultures don'i like it to;:=p
I would do something with bonusses like fast uilding, (1minute earlier or something...)

but not with weaknesses for other colors!
Alpha tester Posted on: 26-10-2008 23:02:38
Posts: 107

newbie color: white: you don't choose one of the true play colors until you have looked around the game abit and make an informed selection'

brown color: true farmers. they like to produce goods and crops and like the trading and support part of the game. they also have a military aspect but this is less important. their faction name could be OLMECS

red color: warriors. players who very much like to engage in attack and empire building. their faction name could be BURGUNDIANS.

yellow: technocrats. players who prefer to manufacture goods like weapons and such and sell them. they are also martial like the blues but less than the blues. their faction name could be ALSATIANS

green: politicians. prefering diplomacy and alliances and treachery as the main goal to fame and game play.
they use caravans a great deal and trade
goods. their faction name could be CORSICANS

Alpha tester Posted on: 26-10-2008 23:04:45
Posts: 107

correction: in the above where i was writing about the yellow technocrats ( alsations ) i wrote they would be less martial than the "blues" ..i meant the red faction, the burgundians.
GameMaster Posted on: 28-10-2008 03:39:26
Posts: 1447

Newbies, Olmecs, Burgundians, Alsatians, and Corsicans?
I would definitely be... Olmec : )
Do you want real culture names or do you want to make them up yourselves?
Oh pick me!

I did some research:

yellow = Egyptian (Egypt = yellow, right?)
blue = Roman (or Greek)
red = Norse (or Viking, German, Danish)
green = Persian (go Phoenicians! also include somewhere else form Middle East)
black = Spartans (or Macedonian)
white = The other Norse (Celts?) (or Moors, or Templars - I know, not a nation, but an awesome culture... Founded a thousand years after the other ones : )

P.S. I learned that the Sparta was allies with... 'The Achaean League'!
What a great game
Lol, Aetolian League is also... Nevermind.

Though hobbits, wargs, goblins, orcs, men, elves, etc. would make more sense in a fantasy-theme

Note: If factions actually get real-life references, then the rank-system çån be changed for each faction ie. Egyptians get Pharaohs, Romans get Caesars/Kaisers
I would like that.

Note: All of these factions use javelins... I think! We could also go more modern (American Capitalist, Communist, European Capitalist, third-world American-influenced Capitalist, third-world Communist (don't know much about these), and third-world non-affiliated Capitalist (a.k.a. terrorist)).
Fighting... With SWORDS!

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