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Moderator Posted on: 29-06-2008 12:43:53
Posts: 461

no, blender-made castle
or what do you mean?
Moderator Posted on: 29-06-2008 12:52:05
Posts: 543

google sketchup is another 3d modeling app.

But I use blender which has more features then google sketchup and is open-source.
Developer Posted on: 29-06-2008 12:52:33
Posts: 3379

When I started on my browsergame (not yet lod) I started with google sketchup. But after a while I learned drawing in illustator and made everything cartoon style.

Sketchup has a whole database of user made stuff:
3d warehouse

One of my favorites:
cool cata
Moderator Posted on: 29-06-2008 13:04:56
Posts: 543

Do you like the new style?
Developer Posted on: 29-06-2008 13:08:09
Posts: 3379

I dont like the red characters but the castle looks fine.

The game will be similar to lod/travian/tw? How will you make your buildings in your village?
Moderator Posted on: 29-06-2008 13:13:27
Posts: 543

probably also with blender. But it has to be isometric cause my map is isometric.

The red characters will be replaced. (that was adramalech's idea). it doesn't really say 'rising empire' does it?
More like 'falling empire'
Developer Posted on: 29-06-2008 13:15:03
Posts: 3379

yea burning empire
Moderator Posted on: 29-06-2008 16:04:30
Posts: 461

well as nobody likes my style :mad: , which color will be better?

btw, is there an angry-emoticon?
Developer Posted on: 29-06-2008 16:14:30
Posts: 3379

: mad : (without spaces) :mad:
Moderator Posted on: 29-06-2008 16:47:55
Posts: 543

have you found the smily-list already?

you should put that somewhere we can see it

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