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Developer Posted on: 22-06-2008 20:53:45
Posts: 3379

Soon we will fix the attack calculation but what would be the best way to calculate a battle? For example you can calculate in rounds until all units are dead, certain units go first etc..or just add up all the melee/ranged/cavalry atk and def points and check who won.

Probably many other ways, so anyone with a good idea about this? It should not be to complicated but realistic.
Alpha tester Posted on: 23-06-2008 07:25:38
Posts: 151

In TW they use different rounds,
but I actually never look at them,
I only find the last round intresting,

I would do it in 1 step
Developer Posted on: 23-06-2008 10:40:54
Posts: 3379

can you give a detailed description?
Alpha tester Posted on: 23-06-2008 11:15:13
Posts: 151

of how they do it in TW or how I would do it?
Developer Posted on: 23-06-2008 11:34:31
Posts: 3379

both would be best
Alpha tester Posted on: 23-06-2008 11:44:35
Posts: 151

To begin, I meant Ogame instead of TW
in TW al my messages are to old and are deleted, also my battle reports

This is 1 round on Ogame
[center][font=verdana][size=11]De volgende vloten kwamen elkaar tegen op 06-23 10:28:32, toen het tot een gevecht kwam:

Wapens: XXX% Schilden: XXX% Romp beplating: XXX%
K.Vrachtschip: 1

Wapens: XXX% Schilden: XXX% Romp beplating: XXX%

Na het gevecht...

De aanvaller steelt:
1'666 Metaal, 1'666 Kristal en 1'666 Deuterium

De aanvaller heeft een totaal van 0 Eenheden verloren.
De verdediger heeft een totaal van 0 Eenheden verloren.
Op deze coördinaten in de ruimte zweven nu 0 Metaal en 0 Kristal.

But normaly there are more than 1
(Now there was only 1 because taht guy doesn't had any defence )

How I would do it:
First let see How much troops the attacker and defender had
than how much they've lost
and then who won and what he (maybe) has stolen
Member Posted on: 23-06-2008 11:45:55
Posts: 822

I'll think about a color tag.
Alpha tester Posted on: 23-06-2008 11:50:22
Posts: 151

I already have delete those tags, because it was terrible chaos!
now I gonna set it in English (i was Forgot it needed to be english )
Member Posted on: 23-06-2008 11:53:23
Posts: 822

Color tags work
As well in normal text as in between
Quote tags

[color=#0000FF]But not in PHP-tags[/color]
Alpha tester Posted on: 23-06-2008 11:53:29
Posts: 151

Now the message is in English

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