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Moderator Posted on: 23-06-2008 17:01:47
Posts: 461

i've also played ogame, but we (me and id0001) got banned because we had two account (he and I) and they wanted to see a copy of are passports before we were unbanned
Developer Posted on: 23-06-2008 17:06:05
Posts: 3379

stay ontopic, still no suggestion we could use...no battlereports. So think about how you would do the calculation or how you think another game does the calculation.
Moderator Posted on: 23-06-2008 17:14:11
Posts: 543

why should color tags work in php
Moderator Posted on: 23-06-2008 17:18:36
Posts: 461

ontopic again

travian takes all the units, adds up the strength - the defense of the other units,
Member Posted on: 23-06-2008 17:30:21
Posts: 822

Add up all def and atk values of the attacker and the defender and see who has the highest value?
Moderator Posted on: 23-06-2008 17:33:54
Posts: 461

no, add up the attackers attack value, then minus(?) the defenders defend value, the health of the defender minus that, and thats ho many people die of him, (something like that, dunno for sure) but it works all right,
Developer Posted on: 23-06-2008 17:47:03
Posts: 3379

should luck (for example -25% to 25%) boost attack and defence values? to get a more random fight.
Member Posted on: 23-06-2008 17:49:54
Posts: 822

Currently luck determines whether or not an attacker starts the match. I think that could stay integrated, and building watchtowers or something increases the chance of making the first move.
Moderator Posted on: 23-06-2008 17:50:06
Posts: 461

could do lukc yea, but not 25 % that's A LOT of luck do like 5%?
Alpha tester Posted on: 24-06-2008 01:33:22
Posts: 114

25% is a lot of luck but that just gives the game a special appeal:)
I dont think its to much,and luck should be just from the attackers point of look,if luck is +10 attacker gets +10

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