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Moderator Posted on: 23-06-2008 18:11:57
Posts: 543


but I've got a nicer one which is much more friendly here
Alpha tester Posted on: 24-06-2008 08:38:45
Posts: 151

I also have one .:^p


try to enter someting in the adress balk and press enter
Member Posted on: 24-06-2008 09:02:11
Posts: 822

Hehe, "maps" is "spam" spelled backwards.
Alpha tester Posted on: 24-06-2008 09:44:19
Posts: 151

Member Posted on: 12-08-2008 15:09:32
Posts: 8

this topic on one of my sites might be interesting for you

Developing locally on your own local PHP/MySQL/Apache server


Moderator Posted on: 12-08-2008 15:14:41
Posts: 543

I am already running a local server and I have a hosted web server.
A local server comes in handy when you have an idea and you want to work it out and test it quick
Member Posted on: 12-08-2008 15:31:26
Posts: 8

Yep and developing online is never a good idea. Locally developing is way smarter.

Moderator Posted on: 12-08-2008 16:04:32
Posts: 461

devving online is no problem when nobody visits your site yet, so that really not a problem to us, yet.
Member Posted on: 12-08-2008 16:16:36
Posts: 8

Yea but on a live box it's different and it's better to get used to work locally also.
Developer Posted on: 12-08-2008 16:53:00
Posts: 3379

Yep try to setup you localhost with the same database names & passwords. With lod I dont have to check anything when I upload, its all the same as my localhost.

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