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Moderator Posted on: 25-06-2008 17:00:12
Posts: 543

it would be fun if you could have higher ranking units of the same type. Like there was in c&c generals (and other games) you could have higher ranking soldiers which were stronger.
Moderator Posted on: 25-06-2008 19:40:20
Posts: 461

yeah, my post wasn't a view of everything what should be in there it was a view of how simple it could be
Alpha tester Posted on: 25-06-2008 19:49:58
Posts: 114

OK but the research should be for the whole kingdom not just for one town
Moderator Posted on: 25-06-2008 20:41:23
Posts: 543

that would be a pain in the ass if you had to upgrade for every village
Developer Posted on: 26-06-2008 13:20:46
Posts: 3379

I think the same units with different experience levels will not be used in the beginning, maybe as an update/expansion after a year.

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