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Member Posted on: 24-06-2008 04:26:45
Posts: 3

what is the speed for building?I suggest it builds directly after you click the button so the game goes on faster.
Developer Posted on: 24-06-2008 06:28:18
Posts: 3379

kalemati is working on the construction times I think, but currently we only have default values.
Alpha tester Posted on: 24-06-2008 08:30:41
Posts: 151

He is.
Developer Posted on: 24-06-2008 21:27:47
Posts: 3379

Ive added a script which gives a bonus to construction time, no bonus at lvl1=100% and at lvl25=50% construction time. The maximum level for the mainbuilding will be 25 instead of 30.

Same for unit and resource production, 50% bonus at lvl15 (max for resources) and 32% at lvl20 for units.

Once kalemati has the correct construction times we can balance them with these bonusses.
Alpha tester Posted on: 25-06-2008 08:16:47
Posts: 114

I dont have correct construction.I have some times,and we will se if they are good:)
Alpha tester Posted on: 26-06-2008 18:09:32
Posts: 32

i have a question:

do you some times later make a speed server?

greets LJ
Developer Posted on: 26-06-2008 18:10:22
Posts: 3379

yep think so, but after a while...everything has to run smooth first
Alpha tester Posted on: 26-06-2008 18:17:09
Posts: 32

do you make the server no money please? of must that? the browser game tribalwars and travian for the speed there a you must buy it's not nice
Developer Posted on: 26-06-2008 18:20:01
Posts: 3379

you have to pay for a speed server in travian? not when I played some time ago
Alpha tester Posted on: 26-06-2008 18:23:31
Posts: 32

no with tribalwars and by travian do i pay for gold very unlucky with the hometel..

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