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Moderator Posted on: 27-06-2008 09:33:18
Posts: 461

but please don't ask any questions about later speedservers and beg that the cash options are free.. that way you'll never get a alpha account.
Alpha tester Posted on: 27-06-2008 15:00:40
Posts: 32

okay is well as you that I do not will nevertheless do ordinary

Moderator Posted on: 27-06-2008 15:49:24
Posts: 461

could you please post that in the NL?BE forums? i can't understand your english,
Moderator Posted on: 27-06-2008 23:01:06
Posts: 543

yes your vertaalmachine doesn't make any good sentence. Please learn English. You'll have profit of it later.
Alpha tester Posted on: 28-06-2008 06:48:06
Posts: 32

okay I have found a new vertaalmachine and look at if these improve is because those babelfista are badly this way can I nevertheless English talk

do you now this?
Moderator Posted on: 28-06-2008 08:06:05
Posts: 543

hmm. still not quite understanding your posts. You talk like Yoda
Member Posted on: 28-06-2008 08:29:10
Posts: 822


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