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Alpha tester Posted on: 24-06-2008 10:41:08
Posts: 151

Ik zag iets boeiend,op websitesmaken is dit slim om te doen of niet
(je moet er wel bij denken dat ik 15 ben)

dit hier
Member Posted on: 24-06-2008 10:44:04
Posts: 822

English please.
Advertisings on your website? Why not?
Moderator Posted on: 24-06-2008 17:00:45
Posts: 461

Do we have adsense form google here or a other affliate thingy? (or your own ads?)
Developer Posted on: 24-06-2008 20:23:25
Posts: 3379

why ask if you can just check the source
Member Posted on: 24-06-2008 20:29:21
Posts: 822

Talking to who, Bas?
Developer Posted on: 24-06-2008 20:30:09
Posts: 3379

to adra
Member Posted on: 24-06-2008 20:32:52
Posts: 822

Ow, k, not such a big deal he asks.
Developer Posted on: 24-06-2008 20:39:55
Posts: 3379

just have to learn how to use inspect element (firebug), thats how I found my current advertisers on other sites

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