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Developer Posted on: 25-06-2008 21:54:08
Posts: 3379

Im working on some script so kalemati can edit the building/unit/resources costs. The building & unit one is already working, so once kalemati (and radak) are working on it you guys can make suggestions to them. Will take alot of testing to balance the costs/times.
Developer Posted on: 26-06-2008 17:49:39
Posts: 3379

all options are working now, so contact kalemati if you would like to help balancing.
Alpha tester Posted on: 26-06-2008 17:51:28
Posts: 32

Can i help ? and can you speak netherlands? ( send my a PM please!)
Developer Posted on: 26-06-2008 17:52:38
Posts: 3379

you can speak dutch in the NL-BE forum
Moderator Posted on: 26-06-2008 17:54:23
Posts: 543

Sure you can help. Just make a good alpha motivation and be active on the forums.
and then you might get accepted for the alpha.
Alpha tester Posted on: 26-06-2008 17:58:18
Posts: 32

how can I make a good motivation? at alpha? can we can talk further on forum NL/BE?

if I am active on the forum am possible I then already tester become but what I do have do for motivation? what have type in do I?
Developer Posted on: 26-06-2008 18:09:28
Posts: 3379

You can post on the NL forum is you like it better, but alot of ideas are in english
Alpha tester Posted on: 26-06-2008 18:11:57
Posts: 32

i do have a the site http://www.ewoutboers.nl/vertaalmachine.htm
Developer Posted on: 28-06-2008 13:54:08
Posts: 3379

new max building levels added, production buildings until lvl30 to keep ppl busy in 1 village...else we will get too many villages. Production/hour curve also edited according to these new lvls.
Developer Posted on: 15-07-2008 18:36:44
Posts: 3379

At the moment im working on the first version of the building costs + construction times. Have to test & balance it a lot because its pretty hard to think about the best costs/times for each building. Also has to match the production curve + warehouse size.

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