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Member Posted on: 29-06-2008 03:11:07
Posts: 1

PvP would be amazing fun and could let players try their villages against each other. More creating detail.
Developer Posted on: 29-06-2008 08:00:09
Posts: 3379

The main thing in the game is PvP, fighting against other villages. Or do you mean something else?
Moderator Posted on: 29-06-2008 09:02:23
Posts: 461

yea, there are nog npc's so PvE isn't possible
Alpha tester Posted on: 02-07-2008 22:07:42
Posts: 23

Hehe, I live for pvp games =D

Are there any plans for NPVillages of any sort?
Developer Posted on: 03-07-2008 06:26:40
Posts: 3379

would that be cool? you can write something about NPV's and how we should use them, for example inactive players turn into them. And whats the point of NPV's
Member Posted on: 18-07-2008 13:11:12
Posts: 2

Why would you use NP, Should not all villages be PVP in the first place?

Maybe the first few days of playing you can be protected so you are able to make make friends and get your little city up and running?
Moderator Posted on: 23-07-2008 09:06:32
Posts: 461

thats something else, called player protection and already talked about (or already in-game)
Alpha tester Posted on: 12-08-2008 02:11:28
Posts: 76

I think part of the gameplay is already PvP in itself. However for the hero system PvP will be a great addition.
Alpha tester Posted on: 12-08-2008 12:21:41
Posts: 6

ok as for NPV you could simply have it where after 2 weeks (or shorter) of not logging in they go inactive. if the village is above 55% of being fully built (meaning the player did play some) and no one takes it over in 2 weeks after going inactive, have a barbarian(NPC) tribe take it over. This barbarian will have an AI inteligence to simply build for attacking. and attacking random players all around till it is captured. just an idea
Developer Posted on: 12-08-2008 12:26:32
Posts: 3379

I think that would use alot of memory & traffic when 25% of the map is inactive. Might give it a try when the game is running stable for a while.

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