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The Land of Destiny Hero welcomes you.
Role playing game or called MMORPG free browser game

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Developer Posted on: 06-04-2008 19:07:30
Posts: 3379

Welcome to the Land of Destiny forums. LoD is currently still in developtment but the game can already be discussed in these forums. Have fun on our website!

LoD admin
Member Posted on: 07-04-2008 19:28:04
Posts: 1

I was wondering if you know when the game will be released?
Developer Posted on: 07-04-2008 19:34:57
Posts: 3379

There is no release date set but it will still take some time, around half a year is the first estimation. In the comming weeks we will allow more people to join the alpha server for testing. And we will keep testing until all the game options are developed.
Alpha tester Posted on: 07-04-2008 20:25:18
Posts: 20

when will you hear if you can join the Alpha testing?
Developer Posted on: 07-04-2008 20:34:56
Posts: 3379

After we convert the alpha to our new user system (same as this main website). But that might take a few weeks. After that we start selecting, you will receive a mail if your lucky
Member Posted on: 10-04-2008 12:23:14
Posts: 8

am i lucky??
Member Posted on: 22-04-2008 14:02:52
Posts: 9

I am using an ADSL line, both at home and in the office. I was wandering why the page has to re-load when I give order to build a building if there will be no evidence of the running construction, and how "heavy" it could be for a standard dial-up connection.
Member Posted on: 22-04-2008 14:05:52
Posts: 822

Standard dail-up connection users have to live with the fact that a part of the internet is inaccessible for them. It doesn't matter how you twist or turn, in a game like LoD, you will always have to load a lot of images etc.
Member Posted on: 22-04-2008 14:09:40
Posts: 9

I didn't know. Thanks a lot.
Developer Posted on: 22-04-2008 15:05:37
Posts: 3379

After you load the images once your browser should cache them so it should go faster next time you load.

The loading is necessary to check for several things: incomming attacks, new resources finished, new units finished, etc. But I might be able to use some more ajax in this, to make it a bit more efficient. This is something for later though, I first want everything up and running before I spend to much time optimizing.

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