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Topic: Diablo III Post reply

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Developer Posted on: 29-06-2008 16:54:12
Posts: 3379

They've announced Diablo III, go check out the gameplay movie....whooooaaaaa

Diablo III
Moderator Posted on: 29-06-2008 17:23:00
Posts: 461

i've played diablo 2, ilegally thus offline, so it sucked, but this looks more like it!!
Moderator Posted on: 29-06-2008 18:07:42
Posts: 461

that does look massively better then diablo II O.o , did you play that one?
I know I'm certainly buying the new one
Member Posted on: 30-06-2008 17:21:13
Posts: 822

Looks a bit like God of War.
Alpha tester Posted on: 06-08-2008 16:10:37
Posts: 13

graphic didnt improve too much but it did over D2 but it seems like alot of gameplay has changed

i can't wait til D3 comes out im also waiting for starcraft 2 to come out
Moderator Posted on: 11-08-2008 13:59:34
Posts: 461

graphics not changed much? it changed massively,
Alpha tester Posted on: 11-08-2008 15:57:14
Posts: 13

not really. it didn't improved that much i was hoping it would go completely changing into like 3d but its still 2d/2.5d

but i guess its rpg and shouldn't be hoping for graphic on shooter

maybe its cuz i watched it as video only but it didnt seemed like massive change to me

or i might have had too much expectation and what changed seemed pretty minimal to me

im currently playing diablo 2
Developer Posted on: 11-08-2008 16:03:10
Posts: 3379

Games like diablo should never turn into first person, than its not diablo anymore. If you want first person you could try morrowind/oblivion style of games.
Moderator Posted on: 11-08-2008 19:21:26
Posts: 461

yea i strongly recommend morrowind and oblivion, they are the best rpg's EVER.
Alpha tester Posted on: 12-08-2008 04:11:33
Posts: 13

well starcraft turned into 3d and warcraft turned into 3d i was assuming diablo will turn into 3d

i like morrowind but never tried oblivion

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