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Moderator Posted on: 30-06-2008 11:50:20
Posts: 543

I've started to make a forum from scratch, and it works out quite well. The only thing I can't find an don't know how to make is the way the forum knows whether a user has seen all the new post or not.

How are you doing this. To show the new posts per user.
Developer Posted on: 30-06-2008 15:59:03
Posts: 3379

Peck added this to the forum but I think he just logs when somebody reads the post.
Member Posted on: 30-06-2008 17:18:44
Posts: 822

Yes, basically. I've learnt the method from MyBB (probably not completely the same, but doesn't matter) You'll need a table, example "threadsread", in which you store every visit from a user (logged in) to a topic. The table needs 3 fields: tid (topic id), uid (user id) and dateline (UNIX timestamp). Whenever a user visits a thread, you'll have to insert a new row into the database if the user who's visiting hasn't got a row for this topic yet. If he does, you'll have to update the "dateline" part of the record.
To know if there are new posts in a thread since the user's last visit, you have to compare the date of the last post in that forum to the last time the user has read the thread.
Moderator Posted on: 30-06-2008 17:22:40
Posts: 543

k thanks I'll try that
Developer Posted on: 01-07-2008 15:47:53
Posts: 3379

heb je al wat info over wat jullie spel precies gaat worden en wat er al af is?
Moderator Posted on: 01-07-2008 16:10:11
Posts: 543

nou we hebben een concept van het spel, dat kunnen we wel op de site zetten.

Maar wat er af is... we zijn nog bezig met wat belangrijke systemen voor de site zelf en natuurlijk ook het spel.

We zijn onder andere bezig met een forum,bbscript(die nu af is),pm-systeem,userprofile,admin dingen.

en voor het spel zijn we met de map bezig. die word isometrisch met flash.
we hadden eerst al een werkende map die niet isometrisch was maar die gaan we niet gebruiken.

verder heb ik net de style af dus die hoeft waarschijnlijk niet zoveel meer aangepast te worden.

zodra het forum online is zal er daar meer info komen te staan. net zoals hier
Developer Posted on: 01-07-2008 19:27:52
Posts: 3379

forgot it should be in englis here

when u got some examples/screenshots of the map or village I like to see them
Developer Posted on: 06-07-2008 08:03:13
Posts: 3379

is your forum only available after registering? dont see it on the main page.
Moderator Posted on: 12-07-2008 18:04:33
Posts: 543

sorry for not responding (I was on a vacation)

you can find the forum here

there is still a bug that you can post things without logging in. I didn't had the time to fix that yet.
there is still no link on the mainpage, only after logging in because the forums are not ready to be used yet.
Developer Posted on: 28-07-2008 19:12:58
Posts: 3379

any progress? or u were on holidays most of the time?

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