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Topic: what are you going to do in your vacation Post reply

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Alpha tester Posted on: 12-07-2008 13:01:48
Posts: 114

I play football ,and i dont know what is a boot camp.
Training camp-going with the team some were and have 2-3 traning and bunch of frendly games.
Member Posted on: 12-07-2008 13:09:05
Posts: 822

Ow ok.
Moderator Posted on: 12-07-2008 18:06:21
Posts: 543

a boot-camp is a military training camp
Developer Posted on: 12-07-2008 18:07:45
Posts: 3379

I made up my mind going to belgium (ardennen)
Developer Posted on: 15-07-2008 17:12:36
Posts: 3379

I'm leaving this friday so there probably wont be an update before the end of juli
Moderator Posted on: 15-07-2008 19:01:12
Posts: 543

thats ok. we are leaving wednesday so we'll not be online till early august
Member Posted on: 15-07-2008 19:20:21
Posts: 822

I'll be left alone.
Developer Posted on: 15-07-2008 19:23:14
Posts: 3379

surprise us with a finished game after we all come back
Member Posted on: 15-07-2008 19:29:16
Posts: 822

Very funny
Alpha tester Posted on: 17-07-2008 16:51:56
Posts: 30

Peck and I also went to Rock Werchter, actually we just passed when we were on the way to someplace else

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