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Topic: Alpha updates Post reply

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Developer Posted on: 02-07-2008 17:01:11
Posts: 3379

From the news:

We are currently working on some major updates on the alpha. These updates are the new map play system, battlesim (version 3), 4 new military units and several small fixes. The last few weeks we were updating the alpha with small changes/fixes regularly but this will change. From now on there will be updates after several weeks, but the updates will be much larger so more interesting to the testers.

The alpha server will also go down for a while, this because we are gonna test a new registration system. So don't worry if you can't login, you will be able again at the next large update.
Alpha tester Posted on: 07-07-2008 14:00:40
Posts: 31

When will this update be ready to use?
Developer Posted on: 07-07-2008 16:03:00
Posts: 3379

I might give an update this week or next week. Not all the systems I work on are finished but good enough to start testing some of the functions.
Developer Posted on: 10-07-2008 15:39:22
Posts: 3379

Peck is currently optimizing the alpha code so I think we will delay the update until this is finished. While he is cleaning up the code / making it more efficient I'm drawing new backgrounds for the weather system which will be coded after Peck is finished.
Developer Posted on: 31-07-2008 06:09:42
Posts: 3379

The new alpha registration system is almost finished, think it will be finished tomorrow. So the next update will follow a few days after that.
Developer Posted on: 31-07-2008 15:55:57
Posts: 3379

For the people who are interested, here is a screenie of the registration system..still in progress: Reg system

Each quadrant will be logged and controlled seperatly. Registration will take place from the center of the map with "rings" (see screenie). The offset of these rings will offcourse be much larger and your village will be placed a bit more random near the ring.
Developer Posted on: 31-07-2008 19:42:07
Posts: 3379

The system is working now, here is a preview on our new cool feature the minimap: Registration system on minimap

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