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Alpha tester Posted on: 09-07-2008 12:39:17
Posts: 34

yea your right, and it should not be 2 complicated eighter or else nobody really knows what particularly bonusses are active when its summer and windy e.g.
so I think each whether type should maybe have only 1 bonus or pebalty, and each season 2, so there are always 3 active at one moment max.
Developer Posted on: 11-07-2008 17:11:39
Posts: 3379

Sneak preview of the seasons in a village background:
Seasons Village
Alpha tester Posted on: 26-10-2008 18:07:02
Posts: 107

i would use the weather as an item of choas ( i think chaos in gaming is essential to avoid the boredom of the predictalbe outcome )...it would be like this...a player sets up a military objective of some nature but then gets a notice that a heavy rain in the area has created a mudslide or an flash flood and all the pikemen have been swept away or the calvary units cannot be used or the forest fire burned up the catapults...then the objective is completed minus these units and maybe the attacker now loses for lack of these units he set out...also in the village a heavy rainstorm might stop wood cutting for a day or the sun burnt your wheat that day and you lose production for 24 hours on logs and wheat..just let weather events degrade some objective that a player has put into motion and this random instability makes the game more fun as you cannot always predict what you are planning on...the unpredictable outcome is part of what makes true gaming a game...the weather might affect an objective once every 20 times you set one up.
Member Posted on: 26-10-2008 18:10:14
Posts: 402

I think you should have +95% water at Summer instead of just +100%.

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