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Developer Posted on: 04-07-2008 12:44:36
Posts: 3379

At the moment im working on the mining system.

There are 3 types of mines:

There are 3 different kind of area which have mountains in them:
>village / empty land
---> 2 mine spots, random
---> starters village always has 1 coal and 1 iron spot
>mixed area
---> 3 mine spots, random
>mountain area
---> 7 mine spots, 1 gold spot / rest random

New unit, the geogolist, who can inspect mountain areas for resources.

---> researched at mainbuilding lvl5
---> tool: magnifying glass

>Each area has to be inspected for resource before mines can be build.
>Inspections will be logged, so you dont have to inspect twice
>You can also inspect from a military camp, to see if an area satisfies your needs before you take it
>1 mine spot takes 5 hours to inspect, so 10 hours for a village / empty area. With more geogolists 5hours/amount per spot

I'm not sure if village / empty areas should have random mine spots or fixed like a starters village. If it is random then it could also have 2 gold mines for example, would make gold less rare but not having gold would make gold much more rare because there are not many mixed & mountain areas.
Member Posted on: 04-07-2008 16:09:00
Posts: 822

Do you mean a tile on the map by "area"? Or are there more than 1 "area's" on one tile?
Random isn't a really good idea. I suggest to pre define some good combinations of mine types, and then you should pick one out of those, so gold isn't too rare or not rare enough.
Developer Posted on: 04-07-2008 16:49:10
Posts: 3379

area = tile

within an area you can have up to 7 mine spots, like the mountain area.

Pre defined will be too boring, currently I have a randomizer running upon map generation. There are 10% chance the mine spot will have gold, and mountain areas have atleast 1 goldspot.
Member Posted on: 04-07-2008 16:51:03
Posts: 822

Predefine a lot of them (343 ^^)
Random, ok for me, as long as it works.
Developer Posted on: 04-07-2008 17:18:38
Posts: 3379

only testing/playing would show if it actually works, else we have to adjust the percentages a bit

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