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Developer Posted on: 07-07-2008 16:38:20
Posts: 3379

- Should it be possible to downgrade a building and/or destroy it?
- Should it be downgraded at once, or per level
- Should it be destroyed at once, or per level
- What should be the downgrade time compared to the construction time
- What should be the destroy time
- at which level (mainbuilding) should you be able to downgrade/destroy
Member Posted on: 07-07-2008 17:01:59
Posts: 822

Destroy it on once.
If, irl, a house is destroyed, it's probably done in one time as well.
Alpha tester Posted on: 09-07-2008 18:51:24
Posts: 114

If you can destroy it,it will make taking over villages no point,because when people are sure they lost they can just destroy there village.
Developer Posted on: 09-07-2008 18:56:41
Posts: 3379

and downgrading is like half of the construction time (last level)?
Member Posted on: 09-07-2008 20:08:33
Posts: 822

Why downgrading?
When I committed arson to my neighbours house last year, it only took 1 hour to turn it into ashes!
Developer Posted on: 09-07-2008 20:25:18
Posts: 3379

instant destroying could work but it should take a few days to destroy it. Else its no point taking over villages like kalemati said. If you know you almost lost your village you just burn it down

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