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Developer Posted on: 07-07-2008 20:22:16
Posts: 3379

The military unit stats/attributes can be found here:
Military units stats

Unit descriptions

1) Peasants are the foundation of an empire, all the work in an empire is done by peasants. They are no threat to any troops but they can be trained to any other kind of soldier. They can also carry alot or resources so they might be useful in large raids.

2) Town militia are a group citizens that are barely trained but properly armored. They are weak attackers, but they are ready to die for their town. With their fine armor they are good defenders against infantry, but they are almost helpless against cavalry.

3) Swordsmen are trained to attack, kill and bring home every thing they find. With their good armor they can charge at anyone that has the courage to stand in front of them. They are the strongest attacking infantry, but not so efficient in defending.

4) Archers fire away hundreds of deadly arrows on the enemy before he even comes near to there defensive positions. Good in defending against other archers because they spot and respond to enemy archers once the first arrow is launched. Because of their weak armor they are not very efficient in defending against infantry and cavalry.

5) Pikemen are the most disciplined troops you can find, with there pikes they can make a wall that is unconquerable for most cavalry units. Pikemen are not very efficient in attacking, defence against infantry and archers is also not their best skill.

6) Light cavalry are fast units that make chaos in any town they visit. Their speed and capability to take huge amounts of haul make them the a great attack unit. Their light armor makes them not very efficient in defending against any unit.

7) Mounted Archers are very mobile attack units equipped with bows and fast horses. Almost uncatchable for most infantry, only the fast heavily armed units like knight and enemy archers can take them out.

8) Lancers are elite spearmen equipped with a fast horse and a big lance. They are able to any cavalry attacks with ease, but with their big lances they are not very agile, therefore they are not very efficient in defending against infantry and archers.

9) Knights are the most elite cavalry unit there is. They are noble and with their hardened weapons and strong armor they are efficient in any kind of battle. Their weapons and armor make them great troops for attacking and defending but knight can not carry as much as other troops because of this heavy armor.

10) Scouts are fast and with their keen senses they are able to spot the enemy from a far distance. Scouts can also disguise themselves and sneak into enemy territory or villages to get all sorts of information.

11) Geogolists are used to inspect mountain rich areas for resources like coal, iron and gold. They have weak defence, similar to peasants and scouts, so they might need some protection while looking for resources.

12) Transport carts help your soldiers transporting goods from enemy towns after they are finished with the defenders and looted their buildings. Transport carts are also used by settlers to transport goods to newly found villages.

13) Catapults are made for destruction and drive fear into the hearts of every citizen. Catapults are able to tear down enemy buildings with ease, but it they need a lot of soldiers to operate it. They also need several horses to pull them for transportation, this makes catapults an expensive piece of equipment.

14) Battering rams are siege weapons which are used to destroy fortifications, this allows soldiers to enter enemy settlements. The upkeep of battering rams is not as high as catapults but still it is not a cheap piece of equipment.

15) Settlers are peasants who can migrate to less occupied areas and start a new settlement. These units are necessary for expansion of an empire when surrounding villages can not be seized by a general.

16) Leaders have a lot of influence amongst the citizens. They are in charge of a cities which is not directly lead by an emperor. Leaders can also be used to bring down the loyalty of enemy peasants, which can eventually lead to ownership of the city.

17) Generals are the leaders amongst soldiers, with their superior fighting skill and rare armor they are the most elite military unit there is. Generals are able to lead attacks on enemy outposts and seize their property. The General is too proud to carry any loot.

- Last updated October 15th
Alpha tester Posted on: 12-08-2008 17:17:19
Posts: 17

A very interesting military structure. Simple to understand, but promises to be fun in game.
Alpha tester Posted on: 12-08-2008 23:56:29
Posts: 76

Canine sounds cool i'm sure they can sniff something out..
Alpha tester Posted on: 14-08-2008 03:13:55
Posts: 43

How do you acquire units by buying them or?
Developer Posted on: 14-08-2008 09:25:01
Posts: 3379

make resource which they need, then train them
Alpha tester Posted on: 15-08-2008 20:58:14
Posts: 43

What's max military units in alpha
Moderator Posted on: 16-08-2008 09:05:52
Posts: 461

you can see on the unit information page in-game
Member Posted on: 25-08-2008 05:44:44
Posts: 3

This sounds like a good concept.
We should have like magicians, undeads and other stuff like that.
GameMaster Posted on: 29-08-2008 15:21:41
Posts: 1447

I somehow don't think that would tie-in with the theme. High Fantasy units would require magic-dense resources, such as gems & artifact.

I vote against magic-users, except on a per-hero basis. ... Necromancers? If this is implemented, then there also have to be white mages

If the above unit-descriptions are official, I recommend the following spelling/grammar corrections:
there = their (x3)
posisions = positions
can not = one word
a cities = singular
lead by = led by

Go geologists! I think geologists are awesome attack-units and they should be allowed to loot a little.
Good in defending against other archers because they spot and respond to enemy archers once the first arrow is launched.
Then shouldn't archers have a lowered defence against ranged?

What does KP mean?
Developer Posted on: 29-08-2008 15:25:45
Posts: 3379

KP are kill points, for attack & defence rating/points.

Yea no magic.

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