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The Land of Destiny Hero welcomes you.
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Developer Posted on: 10-04-2008 15:54:43
Posts: 3379

I made some changes to the website header, Ive put the old an new one next to each other to compare. Tell me if you like it or not:

Member Posted on: 10-04-2008 15:57:10
Posts: 822

I noticed the header was a bit brighter. It's a good improvement imo.
Developer Posted on: 10-04-2008 16:02:14
Posts: 3379

ya the other colors are a bit dull, I also have to change the village background color.
Alpha tester Posted on: 10-04-2008 18:04:25
Posts: 20

looks much better
Member Posted on: 12-04-2008 07:10:12
Posts: 8

better indeed!
Member Posted on: 12-04-2008 07:31:23
Posts: 8

but.... maybe it is nicer to also put a background whit the yellow guy *just a sugestion*
Member Posted on: 17-04-2008 13:38:22
Posts: 9

Me too, I really prefer the new one. Could you try to use a "more grass" green? I mean, a green that much looks like the grass. Try to add some stones too, and a sheep farm maybe at the bottom
Developer Posted on: 17-04-2008 16:29:57
Posts: 3379

im not sure where you want to fit a farm. I could try a deeper green, but it should not get to dark.
Member Posted on: 18-04-2008 09:37:50
Posts: 2

better for me
Member Posted on: 18-04-2008 21:49:18
Posts: 9

I aggree with you about the darkness. Actually I was guessing about a brilliant(?) green, that would remember the grass. If possible, of course.
About the farm, not too far neither small. There is the bridge, just besides the lonely tree, or maybe next to the tree.

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