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The Land of Destiny Hero welcomes you.
Role playing game or called MMORPG free browser game

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Developer Posted on: 19-04-2008 21:29:29
Posts: 3379

changed it a bit, also changed the background color in the alpha
Moderator Posted on: 17-05-2008 10:42:42
Posts: 543

I like the new one except for the letters. imo the black letters look better and less blurry than the new ones
Developer Posted on: 17-05-2008 12:35:45
Posts: 3379

The one on the website is version 3, the new colors with dark letters.
Moderator Posted on: 17-05-2008 15:28:26
Posts: 543

ok I see. Looks very good.
Alpha tester Posted on: 08-06-2008 14:13:39
Posts: 34

looks idd a lot better. First it looked pale, now its more colourful. much better!
Alpha tester Posted on: 21-09-2008 14:44:55
Posts: 8

The new one is nicer. The green is definitely better.

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