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Developer Posted on: 11-07-2008 18:13:36
Posts: 3379

So how long should it take to max out a village, if we talk about construction times.
Moderator Posted on: 12-07-2008 18:02:24
Posts: 461

er, if you mean you spend 24 hours a day building up yer village, it should take a week or something,
Member Posted on: 13-07-2008 11:14:38
Posts: 822

Wow, we had a much longer time in mind.
Developer Posted on: 13-07-2008 11:27:38
Posts: 3379

a week is way too short
Alpha tester Posted on: 13-07-2008 12:03:12
Posts: 139

Yes,week is too short but I don't think someone will spend 24/7 to play the game so he can build his village to max.
Developer Posted on: 13-07-2008 12:11:00
Posts: 3379

I think it should take 3-4 weeks to "almost" max the village, the last few levels for each building will take alot of time, so to 100% it might take 1,5-2 months.

But once your village is around 50% finished you will start building outposts and new villages.
Moderator Posted on: 13-07-2008 13:07:49
Posts: 461

yea thas better it think

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