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Developer Posted on: 13-04-2008 10:43:12
Posts: 3379

Here, a sneak preview of the map (which is still bugged )

If you look close you can see the layers are not ordered properly yet (z-index).

Currently im working on a random area (forest, mountain, water etc) generator for the tiles on the map. Once this is finished ill post some more info

Developer Posted on: 13-04-2008 15:33:19
Posts: 3379

This is how it should look like, with the correct layers

Alpha tester Posted on: 13-04-2008 17:11:22
Posts: 20

looks great, but is it always with al those woods?
Developer Posted on: 13-04-2008 17:16:21
Posts: 3379

nope, thats just a test to see if the layers are working properly
Developer Posted on: 13-04-2008 18:28:47
Posts: 3379

The map generator is working, this is how an empty map with only my own village looks like in overview mode (small tile size).

(Its randomly generated)
Alpha tester Posted on: 13-04-2008 19:58:02
Posts: 20

nice such a big map, do the mountains and the forest have any use?
Developer Posted on: 13-04-2008 20:53:21
Posts: 3379

ya they go with the various backgrounds, which can be found in the game info section. (link)

The idea is to conquer areas rich of ore (mountains) and rich of wood (forest) to produce the resources you need. For example gold will be rare.

But this is currently not yet working, just the starting village is working
Alpha tester Posted on: 14-04-2008 10:24:05
Posts: 11

ahhh Verry nice . I Love it
Developer Posted on: 15-04-2008 16:59:12
Posts: 3379

There is a post in the news about the map, check it out!
Alpha tester Posted on: 15-04-2008 17:24:58
Posts: 20

can you control whole areas?, thats cool

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