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Developer Posted on: 15-04-2008 17:30:41
Posts: 3379

Yea, you can even build a stronghold with you guild/alliance and protect the surrounding villages.
Alpha tester Posted on: 15-04-2008 19:57:47
Posts: 20

sounds great
Member Posted on: 17-04-2008 13:57:55
Posts: 9

I wanna propose 2 differeces: hills and mountains. The game remindes me the medieval era; there strongholds were built on hills so to have controll on enemies. And rivers were very important too, due to the transport system, the most massive and fast way to transef resources and goods, and for trade too. Villages could be built on hills, while mountains could hide precious minerals.
Developer Posted on: 17-04-2008 16:40:00
Posts: 3379

currently villages can be build on empty tiles and outposts(barracks->stronghold) can be build on any tile you want to capture. If you have a mountain you have a chance you can find gold, which will be rare.
Alpha tester Posted on: 17-04-2008 20:13:31
Posts: 20

and what is the purpose of gold?
Developer Posted on: 17-04-2008 21:15:45
Posts: 3379

dont know yet, probably to build the best units and maybe for upgrades. But it must be something you need/want, so people have to fight for it
Alpha tester Posted on: 18-04-2008 16:19:50
Posts: 16

maybe a settlers like system where you use gold to upgrade your troops?
Developer Posted on: 18-04-2008 21:59:48
Posts: 3379

yep something similar
Alpha tester Posted on: 19-04-2008 17:17:22
Posts: 9

its good
Alpha tester Posted on: 13-06-2008 03:14:50
Posts: 85

I think Gold should be needed for nobles (or leaders or w/e they are called) that way whoever finds gold can sell it on the market or keep it for themselves

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