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Developer Posted on: 13-04-2008 15:43:09
Posts: 3379

Im wondering is anyone has experience with the mail function in php and bypassing the hotmail/yahoo junk folder. Currently the LOD mails are being treated as junk and I want to fix that.
Alpha tester Posted on: 15-04-2008 20:48:15
Posts: 16

For my own game I've tried several headers but couldnt bypass hotmail junk either Please tell me if you find a sollution.
Developer Posted on: 15-04-2008 21:04:41
Posts: 3379

yea I also tried several headers
Alpha tester Posted on: 16-04-2008 17:28:01
Posts: 16

Try send a mail from your mail client? When I send my mail from squirrelmail it still ends up in the junk folder so I guess it has nothing to do with the headers.
Member Posted on: 19-04-2008 22:20:36
Posts: 44

I you still haven't found a solution, I can ask some guys who've recently set up a site and had similar problems with hotmail, how they solved/circumvented it. Just nudge me
Developer Posted on: 20-04-2008 08:52:02
Posts: 3379

Jep still not working, so if you have a solution let me know
Developer Posted on: 05-05-2008 18:00:56
Posts: 3379

Ironhelm, its probably the sender ID (SPF) which is missing in the DNS settings. Im trying to fix this at the moment but my dns didnt update yet so I dont know if my changes worked.

Do detect if you have SPF:
Alpha tester Posted on: 05-05-2008 18:57:12
Posts: 30

In Gmail, the mails are not detected as 'junk'...

Does it in Hotmail?
Member Posted on: 05-05-2008 19:54:03
Posts: 44

Both Hotmail and Yahoo! put it in the junkmail-folder. Gmail doesn't.
Developer Posted on: 05-05-2008 20:05:59
Posts: 3379

if I setup SPF on landofdestiny.nl its detected in a few minutes but .com doesnt update. The .nl site is registered with a different company (trans-ip.nl), so if I modify it at trans-ip it works. But the domains registered at strato.nl do not seem to update...maybe because strato redirects from a main dns zone file to my zone files with only an A and MX record.

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