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Alpha tester Posted on: 06-05-2008 07:51:51
Posts: 16

Does it work now you've changed your settings?

I've checked my domain at that link but it sais that I have a functional SPF.
Developer Posted on: 06-05-2008 11:36:07
Posts: 3379

I can not check yet, there is a redirection to my master zone files from my provider. So I can not edit them, the redirection only redirects A and MX records but I need TXT and/or SPF. I mailed my provider to fix it.
Developer Posted on: 08-05-2008 17:42:26
Posts: 3379

I reading some info about DomainKeys at the moment, might also work.
Alpha tester Posted on: 08-05-2008 19:20:23
Posts: 16

Succes, Mine's still not working.
Developer Posted on: 08-05-2008 19:43:28
Posts: 3379

Please do not post in dutch, I like to keep the forums in english. If you want to post in dutch post it in the NL/BE forum.
Developer Posted on: 04-06-2008 20:01:03
Posts: 3379

Might have a solution, make a SPF record and contact them: https://support.msn.com/eform.aspx?productKey=senderid&ct=eformts

Also follow these steps:

I got a mail which says i will be added, might take 2 days to update the dns though
Developer Posted on: 09-06-2008 22:26:36
Posts: 3379

You can now turn mails from LoD on an off from your profile. Requested by microsoft for their junk mail reporting program. Hope our mails will start arriving soon.
Developer Posted on: 16-06-2008 12:37:43
Posts: 3379

The problems with hotmail seem to be fixed now (2 weeks mailing + calling with support), so if anyone still has problem please report them in here.
Developer Posted on: 01-08-2008 15:56:54
Posts: 3379

Working on a mailling list so we can inform players about updates. So alpha testers will get a mail once the next update is launched.

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