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Topic: So what can an alpha tester do? Post reply

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Developer Posted on: 19-04-2008 09:13:28
Posts: 3379

The alpha server just launched, therefore we will start selecting the first members to join our new server. But because the game is not yet playable it means alot of work still has to be done, and you can help with this! In this post I will sum up several things you can do as an alpha tester:

- Improve the current building tree
- Write out the building costs/construction time for each building per level (excel?).
- Think about how many levels each building should have and add this to building costs/construction time table(above).
- Think about the production per hour for each production type building (like the woodcutter). This should be fine tuned with the building costs.
- Determine the stats for each military units or change/add new units.
- Think about new cool features for the game
- Find bugs or report things which are unclear.

These are the first things that I could think of to make the alpha playable and ready for a larger public. It would speed up the development if some alpha testers can have a look at this, it means I can continue adding new features to the game.

So if your up to this post your ideas in here!
Member Posted on: 19-04-2008 22:22:48
Posts: 44

Edit: fixed
Developer Posted on: 28-04-2008 19:28:42
Posts: 3379

So any of the current testers up for this?
Alpha tester Posted on: 29-04-2008 08:24:41
Posts: 5

The food production buildings must have more levels, 5 is enough I think.
Developer Posted on: 29-04-2008 10:29:17
Posts: 3379

the production buildings will probably have around 30 levels so if you have some suggestions on the cost per level and production per level you can work something out in excel.
Alpha tester Posted on: 29-04-2008 17:21:25
Posts: 5

I have a weird bug, I have 3 groops of peasants at my troepenoverzicht and when I make troops 5 or something, than cames 5 troops by each groop.

(Sorry for my bad English)
Member Posted on: 29-04-2008 17:44:18
Posts: 822

Post it in Dutch, I can't understand anything of it.
Developer Posted on: 29-04-2008 17:57:50
Posts: 3379

I think m3ntoz had a similar bug, ill have a look at it soon. (after I finish the new building system)
Alpha tester Posted on: 01-05-2008 16:58:52
Posts: 9

yes i had it to thats kinda funny if you have 6000000000 troops
Alpha tester Posted on: 02-05-2008 09:32:27
Posts: 5

Oke I post it in Dutch;

Ik heb een raar probleem, bij mijn troepenoverzicht staat dit;
51 Peasant
31 Peasant
31 Peasant
10 Peasant
En ik kan mijn hoofdgebouw niet upgraiden.

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