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Topic: So what can an alpha tester do? Post reply

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Alpha tester Posted on: 07-05-2008 16:24:53
Posts: 16

In Opera does not refresh after constructing the building.
Developer Posted on: 07-05-2008 17:04:45
Posts: 3379

I sometimes also had it in firefox and IE, not sure yet whats wrong...Ill have a look at it.
Alpha tester Posted on: 09-05-2008 03:36:08
Posts: 6

im up for the task!
Alpha tester Posted on: 09-05-2008 16:50:05
Posts: 2

Ill try to think up something.
Alpha tester Posted on: 12-06-2008 17:50:45
Posts: 85

ok im working on some of these in excel...do either of the admins have msn?
Developer Posted on: 12-06-2008 17:54:11
Posts: 3379

check your PM's
Member Posted on: 12-06-2008 17:54:30
Posts: 822

Sure, but actually I don't even have Bas' MSN.
Developer Posted on: 12-06-2008 18:07:01
Posts: 3379

try my email but I hardly use it.
Member Posted on: 12-06-2008 18:09:43
Posts: 822

Neither do I

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