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Alpha tester Posted on: 20-04-2008 10:23:38
Posts: 20

i made 1000 peasants and then the whole town crashed. After a reload it was back to normal but still kinda weird
Developer Posted on: 20-04-2008 10:26:00
Posts: 3379

what u mean by crashed
Alpha tester Posted on: 20-04-2008 10:29:29
Posts: 20

normally all the buildings have a place in the town. I only saw the images of the building next to eachother
Developer Posted on: 20-04-2008 10:30:48
Posts: 3379

strange, maybe the browser didnt load the css file
Alpha tester Posted on: 20-04-2008 10:34:58
Posts: 20

the links in the left bottom only works with a few places not whith the whole image
Developer Posted on: 20-04-2008 10:48:13
Posts: 3379

thats a problem with layers, maybe I better make an image map for those links
Member Posted on: 20-04-2008 17:30:11
Posts: 44

Maybe move this thread to the Alpha forum and make a new bugs thread in the general bugs & errors forum, as to keep consistency, but at the same time not lose the bugs which have been noted in here and keep it centralized?
Member Posted on: 20-04-2008 17:32:29
Posts: 822

I knew I've forgot something... A move topic function!!
Member Posted on: 20-04-2008 20:08:35
Posts: 44

While you're at it, make a merge topic function, might (no, will) prove useful later

On another note, although I understand how code-wise this seems the easiest solution, but I don't think it's necessary to list a reply of your own as "new" to yourself..
Member Posted on: 20-04-2008 20:19:36
Posts: 44

The "change townname" function gives unexpected result..

">.<" <- that (including the "'s) yields a "maximum 20 chars" error..

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