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The Land of Destiny Hero welcomes you.
Role playing game or called MMORPG free browser game

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Member Posted on: 20-04-2008 20:25:03
Posts: 44

Producing "a5" or any other alphanumeric combination of anything results in odd "finishing in ... "times, e.g. 00:1-1:-11 ..
Member Posted on: 20-04-2008 20:35:31
Posts: 44

"Units ready in 00:00:60 hours".. ain't that the same as "00:01:00" ?
Developer Posted on: 20-04-2008 21:28:59
Posts: 3379

Ill have a look at the production system this week, just fixed the reset village. incase you get bugged you should be able to reset.
Member Posted on: 20-04-2008 22:09:57
Posts: 44

*response.php met xjxfun=UpgradeBuilding
lijkt me te werken met $_REQUEST ipv $_GET of $_POST, kijkt niet na of xjxargs[] maar 1 groter is dan het vorige level (waardoor levels skippen mogelijk wordt, mits voldoende peasants etc.)

*research.php kijkt niet na of aan de voorwaarden voldaan wordt, m.a.w. je kan Leader researchen, zonder iets gebouwd te hebben.
Developer Posted on: 20-04-2008 22:46:06
Posts: 3379

Thanks for reporting, ill make a list of bugs this week and try to fix em.

too bad im not a student anymore, I need more free time
Member Posted on: 21-04-2008 05:14:12
Posts: 44

Oops, forgot that this is the English part of the forum ^^
Member Posted on: 21-04-2008 14:16:22
Posts: 822

Hehe doesn't matter, everyone using this forums speaks Dutch anyway.
Developer Posted on: 21-04-2008 19:51:38
Posts: 3379

Most of these research and production scripts I have to edit with the new building system so ill wait with fixing them until the new system works, that might take a few weeks tho.
Developer Posted on: 21-04-2008 20:19:38
Posts: 3379

">.<" <- that (including the "'s) yields a "maximum 20 chars" error..

gives a max 20 char error because its passed through htmlspecialchars() before checking the lenght
Member Posted on: 22-04-2008 13:47:47
Posts: 9

About the warehouse content, n. "10" of the "Horses picture" is shown outside the back-layer, I mean it is outside the borders. I have a pic but don't know how to send

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