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Member Posted on: 22-04-2008 14:08:20
Posts: 9

I have just now "produced" 10 new people but the "i"says that in my village are 9, but now I can build a fisherman house
Developer Posted on: 22-04-2008 15:07:15
Posts: 3379

You should use firefox as your main browser for testing, alot of things still give problems in internet explorer. (see topic in alpha forum)
Developer Posted on: 22-04-2008 21:19:08
Posts: 3379

I just installed a test version of the attack system, but still a problem that it sets you units to 0 when sending an attack...which gives a div/0 error at the end of the calc. Ill fix this later.
Alpha tester Posted on: 23-04-2008 15:58:55
Posts: 9

when you try to research new units you cant because it says your barracks are to low but they are max
Developer Posted on: 23-04-2008 16:00:18
Posts: 3379

thats not a bug, see the what can an alpha tester do post. The database still has to be filled with all the level building + right values.
Alpha tester Posted on: 28-04-2008 14:23:03
Posts: 5

When I press on 'play now' nothing happen's.
Alpha tester Posted on: 28-04-2008 18:39:36
Posts: 5

That problem is over now.
Developer Posted on: 07-05-2008 17:05:15
Posts: 3379

I fixed a bug in the server registration script which puts your username on the map.
Developer Posted on: 07-05-2008 19:13:44
Posts: 3379

Im closing this topic and I will make a "main site bugs" topic and an "alpha bugs" topic. That means alpha bugs can also be posted in here, and the alpha forum can be used to discuss the game.

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